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YAC.yac is a program for students in 8th - 12th grades.

Youth Advisory Council (YAC.yac) - In an effort to improve the outreach and effectiveness of our programs, Youth Achievers' Committee (YAC) each month calls together youth from 8th thru 12th grades from various locations throughout Burlington County, focusing their attention on goals and objectives set forth by YAC. Identifying this body of students as Youth Achievers' Committee, Youth Advisory Council, they soon became affectionately known as YAC.yac. The monthly meetings are designed to:

  1. Review and critique programs and activities being planned by the Youth Achievers' Committee with the view toward making them more adequately address the needs of and to help insure that they are well received by the targeted youth.
  2. Promoting participation in the planned program, i.e. encouraging their peers to become involved.
  3. Creating programs of particular interest to the youth of YAC.yac.
Regular monthly meetings have included science based competitive games, guest speakers, program planning, etc. Outside trips have included the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA, Habitat for Humanity in Cinnaminson, NJ, and a visit to Cornell University in Ithica, NY. Youth from 8th thru 12th Grades are encouraged to participate. Call us at (609) 747-7744 or contact us at

YAC.yac activities include:

  • Input to YAC Programs
  • Bi-Monthly Newsletter 
  • Educational Seminars 
  • Corporate Field Trips 
  • Recreational Activities 
  • Monthly Meetings 3rd Saturday 
  • Much, Much, More!